Grade 5

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Your assignment: 1. Choose an activity below. 2. Work on it until 8:50. 3. Come back to the Meet and tell us what you worked on.

Independent Reading

  1. Choose any book or audiobook.

  2. Find a nice place to sit.

  3. Read.

  4. Go to Google Classroom and tell me what you read and what you think about it.

April is Poetry Month!

Click through the slideshow to find SO MANY excellent poetry books.


Curiosity Workshop

Domino Falls!

Have you ever made one of these? Send Amanda a video!

Technology Project

"About Me" WeVideo Project with Mr. McGonegal

Remember in second grade when we learned how to use Google Slides by making an "About Me" slide deck? Well, it's time to modernize that idea with an "About Me" WeVideo!

Can you make a one-to-two minute long video "About YOU" that includes: music, text, transitions, and of course video? You can film yourself, and/or use the "Stock Media" available in WeVideo.

Create your movie and share it with Amanda and Mr. McGonegal in Google Drive! We can't wait to see what you come up with. Come to the Meet if you want share your progress or get help.

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  1. Wonder: What do you want to know?

  2. Plan: Where will you find information? How will you keep track of your information? How will you know when you are done?

  3. Find, Read, Take Notes: Read books and websites and watch videos to find information on your topic. Take notes and cite your sources.

  4. Review: Did you answer all of your questions?

  5. Share: What kind of project will you make to show what you learned?

If you need help finding something to read or do, come find me in the Meet.